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    14. For the Love of Western Swing (2019) 13. San Antonio Woman (2017)

    12. If Stars Could Sing (2014) 11. You Play My Heart (2012)

    10. What a Christmas It Was! (2011) 9. Purgatory Road (2009)

    8. Rodeo Night (2007) 7. Blakely-Martinez (2007)

    6. Live in New England (2005) 5. Lone Starry Night (2004)

    4. Amor! Amor! (2003) 3. Stand Your Ground (2001)

    2. Spinning Our Wheels (1998) 1. On the Border (1997) plus bonus tracks: "When You Say Nothing At All" (early studio mix), "Three White Spanish Horses," & "Once upon a Pawn Shop Ring.  

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    Added Bonus Tracks

    Three White Spanish Horses

    Once upon a Pawn Shop Ring

    From ​For the Love of Western Swing (& Other Love Songs) (2019)

    For the Love of Western Swing

    Who’s on Your Mind

    You Bring out the

    Best in Me

    Cherry Springs Swing

    Old Songs

    Roly Poly

    Take Me Back to


    Canta Papa

    Seguro Que Hell Yes

    Gentle on My Mind

    I Could Live without


    Part of the Solution

    The Beginning of the

    End of the Day

    Faded Love

    From ​San Antonio Woman (2017)

    San Antonio Woman

    You Were That Oak

    This Is America (I've

    Got Your Six)

    Everything I Never

    Knew I Wanted

    Still No Rain in Texas

    I Dare You

    'Til I'm Feelin' Well

    Everything Tastes

    Better with Beer


    Country Song

    An Early Thursday


    El Paso

    If You Like That Sort of Thing

    Before I Could Even Learn Her Name

    I Will Rise I Will Rise

    From If Stars Could Sing (2014)

    Let's All Go To Mexico

    Down On the Corner 

    If Stars Could Sing


    Hotel California (Radio Version)

    Kiss & Makeup For Lost Time

    When the Heart Takes Control

    Little Nashville 

    Longnecks and Heartaches

    Jivin' Gear Jammer 

    Cardigan Sweater

    Til I'm Too Old To Die Young

    Hotel California

    The Ink Is Always Blue (Blue Ink)

    From You Play My Heart (2012)

    You Don't Mean To Hurt Me

    The Open Road

    You Play My Heart Sing Me Back Home

    It's What I Do

    Emmylou's Guitar

    Dare To Dream Out Loud

    Learn To Dance In The Rain

    Tennessee Left Texas

    Loneliest Star In Texas

    I Know How To FallCajita de Milagros

    Toca Mi Corazon

    From ​Purgatory Road (2009)


    Purgatory Road

    You Can't Outdrink The Truth

    Thunder & Lightning

    Que No Puede Ver

    Closer To My Dream

    The Ride

    On The Run

    Cobalt Blue

    What Good Is I Love You

    When You Whisper In My Ear

    From Rodeo Night (2007)

    Rio Grande Rodeo Night

    It Takes a Part Of My Heart Away

    What Good Is I Love You

    When You Say Nothing At All

    Boys with Guitars (Real Fast Cars)

    I Watched You Break My Heart

    All Hat, No Cattle

    A Real Good Year For Beer

    You Could've Heard a Tear Drop

    Front Porch Swing

    Saturday Night in a

    Redneck Town

    That's My Baby

    Cherry Springs Swing

    The Little Engineer

    From Blakely-Martinez (2007)

    Midnight Blue

    Two Hearts Are Better Than One

    Change Your Mind 

    I Could Live Without You

    Just A Broken Heart Away

    I Have A Right To Smile

    Sweet On You

    You Don't Have To Go Home

    She's Too Fine

    Rosalinda, Where Are you Tonight

    Sister Moon

    Making Good Time

    From Live in New England (2005)

    Intro/When You Say Nothing At All

    Tonight at Fiesta

    The Armadillo Song

    I Dare You

    Frijoles Con Arroz

    What a Christmas It Was!

    What Good Is I Love You

    Trouble Rides a Fast Horse

    Lone Starry Night

    Down in South Texas/La Bamba

    The Best Friend That I’ve Ever Had

    From ​Lone Starry Night​ (2004)

    The Man Who Hold the Bow

    Home Made of Stone

    Amarillo By Morning

    A Girl Named Texas

    The Armadillo Song

    If I Didn't Care (feat. Miranda Lambert)

    The River of Love/El Rio Amor

    Tonight at Fiesta

    Just Like the Moon

    Trouble Rides a Fast Horse

    Pour a Little Love On It

    Lone Starry Night

    Tonight at Fiesta (reprise)

    From Amor! Amor! (2003)

    El Rio Amor (with Tish Hinojosa)

    Amarillo By Morning

    Frijoles Con Arroz

    Trouble Rides A Fast Horse

    Se Oyo Una Lagrima

    Seguro Que Hell Yes

    Que No Puede Ver

    La Bamba

    Cajita de Milagros (solo acoustic)

    River of Love (English mix)

    From Stand Your Ground (2001)

    The Man Who Hold the Bow

    A Girl Named Texas

    Pool Hall

    Stand Your Ground

    Here's To Boys

    The Armadillo Song 

    El Rio Amor

    Wild (She Drove Me Wild)

    Spinning Our Wheels

    Everything I Never Knew I Wanted (early version)

    Married To Your Memory

    140.Jack Of All Hearts

    Show Me

    Everyday Is Christmas

    Frijoles Con Arroz

    (hidden track)

    From Stand Your Ground Early Version

    Seguro Que Hell Yes

    Pool Hall

    Puedo Contar Contigo

    Kiss & Makeup Early Version

    She Drove Me Wild Early Version

    Stand Your Ground Early Version

    From​ Spinning Our Wheels (1998)

    Spinning Our Wheels

    The Ride

    The Man Who Hold the Bow

    Woman in Love

    Thunder and Lightning

    Rainy, Rainy Clouds

    Long Walk Home

    Once Upon a Broken Heart

    Everyday Is Christmas

    One Life, One Love

    Spinning Our Wheels (reprise)

    From On the Border (1997)


    No Damn Trace

    Walkin' Honky Tonkin' Honey

    Since She Fell For Me

    Why Say Goodbye

    On The Border

    Who's On Your Mind

    Judy Honey

    She'll Love The Cold


    Canta Papa

    From What a Christmas It Was (2011)

    What Child Is This

    Angels We Have Heard

    On High

    Joy To the World

    What a Christmas It Was


    Every Day Is Christmas

    Angels We Have Heard

    On High

    I Am

    Winter Sprites

    What Child Is This

    Silent Night/Auld Lang Syne

    Nashville Star, Columbia Records

    182.When You Say Nothing At All

    Apache Ranch Single:

    What a Christmas It Was!

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