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  • Blakely-Martinez


    I'll burn each copy of Blakely - Martinez individually, on the slowest speed. It will be a duplicated disc, not a factory replicated disc. So be careful handling the bottom of the CD! 


    Mike Blakely & john Arthur martinez

    • Midnight Blue (Jerry Harkins, Blakely & JAM)

    • Two Hearts Are Better Than One  (Jerry Harkins, Blakely & JAM)

    • Change Your Mind (Blakely & JAM)

    • I Could Live Without You (Jerry Harkins, Blakely & JAM)

    • Just A Broken Heart Away  (Jerry Harkins, Blakely, JAM, Bob Melton, Mike Siler)

    • I Have A Right To Smile  (Jerry Harkins, Blakely, JAM & Siler)

    • Sweet On You (Kent Finlay, Blakely & JAM)

    • You Don't Have To Go Home (Blakely & JAM)

    • She's Too Fine (Blakely & JAM)

    • Rosalinda Where Are You Tonight (Kent Finlay, Blakely & JAM)

    • Original Demo For Sister Moon–NASA version (Blakely)

    • Making Good Time–NASA version (Jerry Harkins, Blakely & JAM)

    Acoustic Guitars: Chris Reeves, Larry Nye, Mike Blakely, & JAM

    Electric Guitars: Chris Reeves & Larry Nye

    Fiddle & Mandolin: Ron Knuth

    Bass: Lynn Daniel & Larry Nye

    Drums: JAM

    Percussion: JAM, Larry Nye, Mike Blakely

    Background Vocals: Mike Blakely, JAM, Larry Nye, Chris Reeves, John M. Greenberg

    Cover Art: JAM & Jesse

    Photos: Mary Jo Snider


    SKU: JAM-08
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