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For the Love of Western Swing

Years ago while traveling with the band from the Texas Hill Country through Eastland County, the home of our guitar player Chris Reeves I realize that our route to Northern New Mexico could include a stop in Turkey, Texas.

Why Turkey Texas? Well you might ask Ray Benson or any of the past and present members of Asleep at the Wheel as they'll know precisely why. It's the home area of Bob Wills and where the Bob Wills Museum is situated. As I tend to do I wrote about the experience and it will be a marque part of the new album, heavy on Western Swing, I'm putting together. I'll let the song lyrics tell more of the story:

For the Love of Western Swing

by john Arthur martinez

C7 D7

1st Verse: We drove all the way to Turkey, Texas

G7 C7

To see Bob Will’s Museum of Western Swing

C7 D7

We picked up the guitar man in Cisco

G7 C7

Headed west and north of Abilene

F7 C7

Made good time on U.S. Highway 83

D7 G7

To see the famous fiddle Bob Wills played

C7 D7

We pulled up a little after closing time

G7 C7

But they let us look around there anyway


Chorus: My pilgrimage to Turkey it meant the world to me


If you play Bob Wills music then you’ll know what I mean

A7 D7

Call me a disciple; Bob Wills is still the king,

A7 D7 G7

On a pilgrimage to Turkey for the love of Western Swing


C7 D7

We drove all the way to Turkey, Texas

G7 C7

All for the love of Western Swing

2nd Verse: We drove through the farmlands of the South Plains

In a work van filled with fiddles and guitars

The playboys must’ve have passed this way a hundred times

As they rode the bus to places near and far

As we walked through the doors of the museum

And relived the life of Texas’ favorite son

I swear I heard the voice of Tommy Duncan

Belting out “Blue Yodel Number One.”

Here are some of the additional songs I'm considering for the new project:

  1. For the Love of Western Swing

  2. You Bring Out the Best in Me

  3. Cherry Springs Swing

  4. Take Me Back To Texas (Cumbia/Swing)

  5. Who’s On Your Mind

  6. Seguro Que Hell Yes (Polka)

  7. Canta Papa (Sing Father)

  8. Once Upon a Broken Heart

  9. Amigo Mio (My Old Friend)

  10. Choo Choo Ch’boogie

  11. Roly Poly (bilingual version)

  12. I Love Old Songs

I'll keep you posted as I proceed with the recording. I may need your help again. --jam

New album will feature my touring band plus a host of guest swing cats.

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