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Luiz Djembe 2
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Kurt at Gruene 2019
CD Release of For the Love of Western Swing
Cowboy Barn, France
Our favorite musician in Europe, Stefano Bertolotti, of Italy.
Cowboy Barn, France
Sunday audience at Cowboy Barn near Annecy.
2013 10 19 Haag, Austria
Jitka & B.B. bring joy to the crowd.
2013 10 19 Haag, Austria
Chris, Jitka, JAM, B.B. and Stefano take a bow after a great night.
2013 10 19 Haag Austria
Jitka takes a solo.
2003-04-26 Nashville, TN
Here I'm pictured with Buddy Jewell, Miranda Lambert, and Nancy O'Dell during Nashville Star Season One.
2013 10 19 Haag, Austria
Biermeister taps the keg.
Nashville, TN
JAM with Fan Club president Bette Abeel.
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Luiz Djembe 2