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My Do It Yourself Website

As technology progresses in the world of website design I've moved into my own created, user friendly, easily updatable website.

Home Page of My New Site

So I spoke with the webmaster who built and updated my previous version of and I told him I needed to change the text on my toolbar to reflect a more accurate function of two of the buttons. You see my web store through had gone to download only so I wanted the button to read download music. Makes sense, right?

However, there are still many who prefer the physical product with the artwork, song listings, credits, etc. So I created links to each of the CD covers that allowed folks to buy the CDs, signed if they chose, from which will still ship product for me. I wanted the button associated with that page to read Buy CD. Makes sense, right?

His response was that it would be extremely time consuming and expensive for me to have him rebuild those buttons because each task would require the writing of code and that the software used to create that code is archaic at best. He added that revamping the site would be out of the question and that it would be more cost effective for me to build my own site using today's technology at one of the DIY sites like Squarespace.

So I did some comparison shopping and eventually settled on the ten sites recommended by PC Magazine. I figured they'd know a little more than me. The list included: Wix, Duda, Squarespace, Weebly, Simvoly, Strikingly, GoDaddy/GoCentral, uCoz uKit, Jimdo, and Yola. I went with the Editor's Choice,, and I'm confident now that I made the right choice for my situation.

There are many things to consider when choosing one of these web building sites and PC Magazine thoroughly analyzed all of the angles. I'm a musician, a bandleader, a booking agent, a recording studio owner, and more. I do the social media marketing and advertising. I'm impressed how it is all easily integrated with the web building tools provided by, particulary my Google Calendar and my social media feeds. I have my website setup so that the images I upload into Instagram automatically populate my website thereby frequently updating the images and content on my website, which is something I've learned the search engines like. Let me know what you think. --jam

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