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European Tour 2018, Part 2

After a great tour that begin with a great flight into Zürich, a wonderful drive to the Romansch region of Switzerland (there are four major regions and four national languages in Switzerland) to perform in Celerina, a great show in Innsbruck, Austria, an energetic concert at the Bodensee Lake near Konstanz, Germany, a sold out show in Orpund, Switzerland (where we sold a ton of CDs), we ended the week with a wonderful reception at the Cowboy Barn, near Annecy, France. We now begin the second leg of the tour. Highlights of week two will include a show at Dream Valley Saloon, Schwarzenegg, a show for the Ron Valley Dancers in Gisikon, and then a German music festival in Ehingen-Donau (see enc

Play It Like You Mean It

Don't you love watching an artist, like Springsteen, Walt Wilkins or Robert Earl, glowing as he sings every line and strums every chord with every ounce of his inner being. Or don’t you just love hearing a singer like Bonnie Raitt sing a song like “I Can’t Make You Love Me” (by Allen Shamblin & Mike Reid) that just moves you, even to a tear. It’s the passion. The audience knows when you don’t mean it. The listener knows when your heart is not in it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re performing at a small bar to an audience of one – – like my collaborator Mike Blakely and I did in Fredericksburg, Texas when we were both getting started, or a large music festival crowd in France like Country Re

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