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Cassette Mix Tapes to Logic Pro

Eight track tapes were perhaps the worst delivery method ever for music--well besides today's online lo fi streaming. All my friends were into them but I didn't buy into it. I never bought one eight track tape. Instead, I started creating mix tapes on my three head Hitachi cassette deck, one head dedicated to recording, for the tennis team bus trips during my teenage years at Marble Falls High, west of Austin, Texas. The tapes would be a mix of Dire Straits, Eddie Rabbitt, Clapton, Beatles, Springsteen, Earth, Wind and Fire, Santana, The Eagles, Parliament, Jim Croce, Jethro Tull, Bread, and much more. I'd hook up a battery powered cassette deck to the huge 18" woofer I clandestinely borrowe

My Do It Yourself Website

As technology progresses in the world of website design I've moved into my own created, user friendly, easily updatable website. So I spoke with the webmaster who built and updated my previous version of and I told him I needed to change the text on my toolbar to reflect a more accurate function of two of the buttons. You see my web store through had gone to download only so I wanted the button to read download music. Makes sense, right? However, there are still many who prefer the physical product with the artwork, song listings, credits, etc. So I created links to each of the CD covers that allowed folks to buy the CDs, signed if they chose, f

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