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European Tour 2018, Part 2

After a great tour that begin with a great flight into Zürich, a wonderful drive to the Romansch region of Switzerland (there are four major regions and four national languages in Switzerland) to perform in Celerina, a great show in Innsbruck, Austria, an energetic concert at the Bodensee Lake near Konstanz, Germany, a sold out show in Orpund, Switzerland (where we sold a ton of CDs), we ended the week with a wonderful reception at the Cowboy Barn, near Annecy, France. 

We now begin the second leg of the tour. 

Highlights of week two will include a show at Dream Valley Saloon, Schwarzenegg, a show for the Ron Valley Dancers in Gisikon, and then a German music festival in Ehingen-Donau (see enclosed poster), culminating with a Sunday soiree at Elvira’s Trübli in Brunnen, Switzerland. 

While my German, Swiss German, Italian, French, and Romansch are not quite what they should be, I still try to at least make a brief introduction with a few words in the local language. I have the Babbel app on my iPhone and I have downloaded Google translate for those awkward moments. But the audiences seem to respond to The universal language of music. – – jAm

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