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Let Me Write a Song about Your Life

Yes, you read that right. I'll write a song about your life (or the love of your life) as part of my Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, Three White Spanish Horses, and then I'll record it. It's all part of my efforts to create a new album that rivals the fan favorites, Lone Starry Night and Purgatory Road. In fact, Matt Rollings, who produced Lone Starry Night, has agreed to add his piano to the new album, and James Mitchell, who did those soulful guitar parts on Purgatory Road, will do the same on this project.

If you can make it to Texas we can get together in person to craft a song about something that has moved you in your life or about or the love of your life: your wife, husband, child, or friend. You share the details, traits, anecdotes, and stories and together we'll weave it into a song! Afterward I'll record it, acoustically with lead vocals, guitar and harmony, or we’ll do a full blown production with my band in my recently revamped recording studio. You decide. If you can't make it to Texas we can write via Zoom and make tweaks as needed through Messenger or email.

If the current times have made it tough to give much you can download the completed album before it's available to the general public for just $15. You can preorder the signed CD for $20 or for a $60 contribution I'll send you the signed CD and put your name in the liner notes! There are several other options and levels of support (you can even choose to sing on the record). Whatever you do, you can help me by getting the word out. Share this link: I'm down with that!

Here's a couple of the songs I'll feature on Three White Spanish Horses. I look forward to creating an album that you'll want to listen to over and over. That's my dream.

The Phone Call by JAM & Janice Barrow Grape

You freed me from the falling rain

When you called me this early Monday morning

You heard the wind and felt my pain

Instinctively you knew I was alone

You brought up our shenanigans

We reminisced until the sun was shining

About the crazy things we did for grins

You kept me talking on the phone

You freed me from a faithless night

As you recalled my early stabs at poetry

Inspired by the Pedernales highs

Of Willie’s show outside of town

And the broken gasoline gauge

The cold night with Amanda in my Chevy

The day the Allman Brothers took the stage

With Jerry Jeff at Manor Downs

You freed my soul with banter

As we laughed about the New Year’s Eve in Nolanville

The long drive with your father

As we drove to post your bail on New Year’s Day

The talk turned to the early Wheel

Rusty Wier and the hallowed Armadillo

The songs we shared, how music heals

How it’s all part of every show I play

How do you know just when to call

How do you know I’m in free fall

You freed me with your faithful words

You listened when I chose to speak more fearlessly

You lifted me with lyrics I first learned

On the old guitar you gave me

Kristofferson still speaks the truth

I still play so many of those melodies

So last night when I felt the blues

The phone call on a stormy Monday saved me.

Port Aransas Standard Time by john Arthur martinez & Yvonna Martinez

It’s a walk at morning tide

As you watch the waking rays

Rising higher in the sky

On a lazy Lone Star day

It’s a mother and her child

Searching for the perfect shell

One that always brings a smile

As the salty waters swell

Port Aransas Standard Time

A song waiting to be rhymed

And the melodies you’ll hear

(like the dolphins whistling near)

Are so pleasing to the ear

A guitar in perfect tune

With the ocean baritones

The seagulls chuckling cries

(a chorus in the Tarpon sky)

Port Aransas Standard Time

It’s an old man shoreline fishing

On the Gulf of Mexico

It’s a great blue heron soaring

As another angler trolls

It’s dinner caught that very day:

Blackened redfish from the sound (on the town)

A slow drive on the causeway

spirits up Windows down

It’s an island education

For the coed undergrads

A mid-semester celebration

But it’s so much more than that

It’s a weekend riviera

For the working nine to five

It’s a perfect margarita

It’s where the soul can be revived


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